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Get Started

Ready to dive in? You're moments away from building your first element or your first app.

Take the Tour

Want to try Polymer 2.0 without installing anything?

Learn how to define elements using ES6 class-based syntax, and add properties and events.

Take the Tour

Install the RC

Get started with the 2.0 Release Candidate right away.

Follow these steps to install the latest versions of our library and tooling, and start building.

Install the RC

Use Elements

Get started using Web Components in your apps.

Visit webcomponents.org for interoperable elements that can be used on any site.


Watch the Polycasts

Join Rob Dodson from the Chrome Developer Relations team for Polycasts, a comprehensive set of videos exploring the ins and outs of Polymer. Start a new Polymer project from scratch, add functionality to your elements, or get a crash course on understanding data binding. Create accessible components, and localize them for your target audience.

Watch more

Get the tools

npm install -g polymer-cli@next
mkdir my-app
cd my-app
polymer init

Polymer CLI is a command-line interface for building elements with Polymer and applications with the Polymer App Toolbox. It streamlines your workflow, making it easy to manage projects ranging from simple components to complex web apps.

Install the CLI